me at the lakeI’m closer now to 50 than 40. I’m a dreamer and a procrastinator, and I wonder if the two are the same. I’m fiercely loyal, but probably also more judgemental than I want to believe. My past is pretty dark. I’m a survivor of child abuse. I was an “unwed mother” back when that was still a dirty phrase. I’ve been on welfare and lived in government housing. I’ve worked as a retail-slave, a 411 operator, and a bartender. I know the feel of a loaded gun barrel being pressed against my temple. Most of my  20’s were ugly and confusing, but today I have some wonderful stories.

For the past 8 years I’ve been married to a wonderful, but difficult, man. I have one 26-year-old estranged son and three grandsons all under the age of 6. I have two step-daughters; 25 and 22.  I  work as an administrator for a consulting engineering firm. The job is stressful, but I like my co-workers. Most of them. For years I’ve struggled to get my bachelor’s degree…I’m still at it.

Oh yeah, and I’m in the throes of some wicked menopause craziness…

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